Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Susan has 35 years of experience as a registered, licensed, Sports Certified Dietitian and is an accomplished endurance athlete.

With this unique skill set, knowledge, and extensive experience, Susan will guide you in creating sustainable, healthy eating habits, a healthy relationship with food, a positive body image, and fueling practices to enhance your athletic performance. With her guidance, she will help you breakthrough performance barriers while supporting your mental and physical health that may not have been possible on your own.

Fresh fruit and milk. Post Season Eating Guidelines

Performance Nutrition

Susan advocates a diet built around nutrient-dense, whole foods—no unnecessary supplements, no fad diets. Nutrition is a science, and her guidance as a sport nutrition expert reflects this. With so much (mis)information and pseudo-science out there, she help you navigate through the latest hype so that you can focus on training and racing. Rather than calorie counting, or having a “bad” food list, she offers safe, realistic and sustainable eating strategies to help you meet your athletic goals.

To achieve lasting results, Susan emphasizes a multi-disciplinary behavioral approach that examines all areas of your life—not just diet—to help you achieve optimal health and performance. Your body is unique. Your nutrition plan should be, too. Race Smart provides a range of nutrition services tailor-made for your goals and health needs.

Daily Nutrition Specialities:

  • Balanced meals/snacks
  • Nutrient timing
  • Body composition
  • Nutrition for the athlete with diabetes
  • Nutrition for the athlete with celiac
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Plant based nutrition
  • Meal planning for a busy, on the go lifestyle
  • Eating to support endurance workouts
  • Control food cravings
  • Sound strategies for overcoming disordered eating
  • Analyzing blood work for health and athletic excellence

Sports Nutrition

Whether you’re a year-round swimmer, professional athlete, or a weekend warrior, fueling your body well is vital to your athletic success. Maybe you’ve been sidelined in the past by the pitfalls of improper nutrition: dehydration, cramping, “bonking,” GI distress, unintentional weight gain/loss, lethargy, or overeating. Steer clear of these common training hazards with Susan’s easy-to-adapt expertise. Learn how food fuels the body and how to support your unique metabolic needs before, during, and after training with the right combination of macronutrients—that is, carbohydrate, protein, and fat—timed for optimal performance and recovery. Susan’s plans are personalized for your weight and body composition goals, as well as your training cycle.

Sport Nutrition Specialities:

  • Race week/day fueling
  • Endurance and ultra-endurance sport nutrition
  • Optimizing Recovery
  • Minimizing/eliminating GI distress
  • Hydration/fueling in various environmental conditions
  • Sweat rate and electrolyte loss
  • Sport nutrition products and application
  • Sports supplements
  • Analyzing blood work for health and athletic excellence
  • Meeting energy needs while preparing for an endurance/ultra event
  • Taper nutrition


Performance Fueling. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Our most comprehensive service that covers both performance nutrition and sports fueling.

Athlete in Training. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Daily nutrition strategies to support your training load and improve health while optimizing performance gains.

Training/Race Fuel Plan. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Expert guidance devising an ironclad sports plan to practice over and over during training sessions that get you to the finish line.

Performance Nutrition. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

For the athlete or fitness enthusiast who has a regular exercise routine and wants to achieve optimal body weight, develop a healthier relationship with food, gain control of cravings, improve health, and feel better.

Leaner For Life. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Comprehensive monthly program that gives you an on-call personal nutrition consultant to help you break poor eating habits, create a positive relationship with food, eliminate cravings, and learn about the right balance of nutrients for your body and lifestyle.

Hourly Consulting. Sports Nutrition with Certified Dietitian Susan Kitchen

Boost your progress with a one-time, 60 minute, highly focused consultation.

Sweat Testing

A scientific approach critical for all athletes seeking to optimize performance and maintain adequate hydration during training or racing.

Lab Work Analysis

The most measurable and scientific way to assess potential health limiters inside your body as it relates to training, performance, and diet.

“Training with Susan is a dream come true! She can build your spirits instantly just by going out together for a run, all the while creating long-term, actionable & achievable goals with her tremendous knowledge and years of experience. Whether your goal is to run a mile or a 100 miles, a sprint triathlon or full Ironman, she has the expertise to get you there!”

Linda, Boston, MA