Adding a sweat test (two if you are a triathlete, one for bike, and one for the run) will help us identify your sweat sodium and fluid loss on the bike and run in race similar temperatures/humidity. Then we can accurately create a sports fuel/hydration plan to support your needs.

Detailed, personable, positive, and understanding, I’ll meet you where you are and help you progress forward toward your goals safely.

For nutrition – if applicable, I use MyFitnessPal or Lose It to track food intake, which helps improve athlete awareness of food intake and allows me to get a real-life snapshot. However, I am not an advocate of athletes tracking food intake for long, extended periods. For Coaching, I use Training Peaks.

Race Smart athletes are global. Therefore, a large part of my work is virtual through Training Peaks, MyFitnessPal, Zoom, and phone calls (WhatsApp). It is very effective.

 I love this question – and the answer is YES. Many of my athletes have been with me for years. If you are a nutrition-coached athlete, feel free to schedule as many follow-up appointments as needed. Some athletes touch base with me once a year to ensure they are on the right track or if there are changes in health history. In short, you can stay as long or as short as they would like. It’s up to you.

 Not an issue at all. I work with many athletes who have a triathlon coach. I believe it takes a village to raise an athlete; there is room for us all. I inquire about key rides/runs to align sports fueling/hydration and daily nutrition with training as applicable.

No minimums. I guess the Hourly Consult is the minimum charge. I am not sure that answered your question, though. All pricing is listed in each nutrition service. If you click each box, there is a detailed description, pricing, etc.

Based on your preferences (likes/dislikes) and food intolerances/allergies, I help you understand how to integrate balanced nutrition into your meals/snacks to support your training and health. No day is the same so learning how to build balanced meals in different scenarios is essential. And, It doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate meals.

Yes, of course, Go here and click on the Training/race day fuel plan or Performance fueling (which is both daily and sports fueling)

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