As an athlete, it should come as no surprise that to optimize performance you have to put in the physical work. But, that’s not the whole picture. Is the “no pain, no gain” mantra doing you more harm than good? Scientific data shows that performance optimization is directly linked to health, energy levels, adequate sleep, recovery and balanced nutrition.

Endurance athletes devote long, intense training hours and consequently are at risk for nutritional blind spots and deficiencies that can lead to anemia, endocrine disorders, muscle damage, inflammation, bone disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and hormone imbalances. Diet, along with lifestyle habits, play a significant role in improving blood values. Blood testing is “a detailed check under the hood,” inside your body and investment in your performance and long-term health.

TEST, DON’T GUESS. Analyzing your blood values is the MOST measurable and scientific way to assess potential health limiters inside your body as it relates to training, performance, and diet. By identifying a potential problem before it becomes a performance limiter, a nutritional deficiency or a health concern, a thorough analysis of your blood work from a Board-Certified Sports Dietitian is a proven approach to boosting performance.

How it works

You are responsible for having your blood tested. It’s a simple blood test that your doctor can provide OR you can use Inside Tracker. Blood tests are NOT included in this service. If you choose to go with Inside Tracker, together we can decide which plan best fits your needs or consult your physician.

Check out the Inside Tracker options.

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Inside Tracker is a dynamic and personalized analytic platform at the intersection of biology, science, and technology. They analyze your blood test and physiological data, and the results will be sent to you. It is your responsibility to submit the results to Race Smart.

Lab Work Analysis is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. This service will provide you with nutrition, training and lifestyle interventions based on your labs to improve your health, energy levels, and performance. If your lab results reveal a health condition in which Susan determines will not improve with dietary, supplement, and training modifications, she will recommend a follow-up with your health care provider for further testing and investigation.

What’s Included

  • Completion of our online Health/Nutrition questionnaire and submitted blood work results are required before your scheduled consult. The questionnaire will be delivered to your inbox after purchase.
  • A 60-minute consultation via phone, skype or facetime (your preference) that includes discussion of completed forms, lab results, and interactive dialog on strategies for improvement.
  • A full and thorough analysis of your blood results, along with health history.
  • Lab results, nutrition and supplement (if applicable) recommendations as well as training/lifestyle adjustments will be discussed based on your medical history, lab results and dietary preferences – to improve your health, performance, and energy levels
  • Lab Work Analysis is a one-time service, however, if you would like additional support or a follow-up blood test to measure progress, follow-up sessions are available for purchase. It is recommended to wait at least eight –ten weeks for a blood retest.

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