If you are training for an endurance event and confused as to how to fuel and eat to support the volume and intensity of your training load while maintaining health and optimizing performance, then Performance Fueling is the service for you. This is a comprehensive service that covers both daily nutrition and sport fueling in and around training sessions. Specifically, we will focus on nutrient timing, sports fueling, hydration/electrolyte replacement, and recovery nutrition.

This service provides ongoing support, weekly guidance over a 6-week time frame, including 4 consults.

Performance Fueling service specifics

  • Overview of nutritional status and eating habits
  • Assessment of macronutrient balance in snacks/meals
  • Fueling for specific workouts and training sessions
  • Recovery fueling for post-workout and how to fuel for two/day workouts
  • Pre-workout fueling
  • Eating on recovery days
  • Nutrition and hydration on sick days
  • Nutrition and hydration on travel days
  • Strategies to promote recovery and combat inflammation
  • Sports nutrition and fueling protocol to meet energy demands during training
  • Hydration and electrolyte protocol to meet sweat and electrolyte loss
  • Supplement and vitamin/mineral requirements
  • Nutrient timing around workouts for optimal recovery, energy, and minimizing cravings and fatigue.
  • Review of lab work (if applicable)
  •  Nutrition guidance to optimize sleep, stress management, appetite, cravings, energy levels, and blood sugar fluctuations.
  • GI distress, bloating issues
  • Body composition goals

What’s Included

  • Completion of our online Nutrition/Training questionnaire and dietary intake before your scheduled consult. These forms will be delivered to your inbox after purchase.
  • A nutrition plan custom-built for your training load and active lifestyle
  • Specific guidelines on macronutrient intake based on your health and activity level.
  • Review of current (within 6 months) lab work, submitted by the athlete (if applicable).
  • A detailed summary of the discussion and goals will be emailed to you within 24 hours after the consult.
  • Support and encouragement to help you implement nutrition changes.
  • A 60-minute consultation via phone, skype, or Facetime (your preference) that includes a discussion of completed forms and interactive dialog on strategies for improvement.
  • 45-minute follow-up session within two weeks of the initial consult.
  • 45-minute follow-up session four weeks after the initial consult.
  • Final 30-minute follow-up session six weeks after the initial consult.
  • Weekly email communication for the full six weeks of the service.
  • *Additional follow-up sessions are available for purchase.
  • *Race Day Fuel Plan and Sweat Test are available for purchase as add-ons to this service.

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“As an endurance athlete with Type 1 diabetes, Susan has been instrumental in helping me overcome what I felt was a liability by creating a fuel and training plan that has allowed me to accomplish my fitness goals while not compromising my health. Over the four years that Susan and I have worked together, she has worked strategically and patiently with me through injuries, introduced new skills, and prepared me to race longer distances each year. Our work together this year resulted in my best season yet with my first 70.3, a metric century Gran Fondo, and medaling in three OWS races. Next season, I plan to compete in 10 races, including two 70.3s, all under the guidance of Race Smart’s Susan Kitchen.”

Bill K., Coached Athlete and Performance Fueling Client