Race Smart Featured Athlete

Greg Lyon

In my area running marathons and doing triathlons (especially at the IRONMAN distance) is not common whatsoever. Most people can’t fathom doing any type of cardio for more than 20 minutes. I thrive on the perceived “insanity” of endurance sports. I also make it my goal to be “out of reach” competitively when another decides to venture down the same path. Lastly, all the training keeps me out of trouble.

Now after 4 months of working with Susan I know the fit is right. Let’s face it. We all want a coach that prescribes easy workouts, tolerates our excuses, and then magically we see the results we think are owed because we paid for them. This is just not logical. I believe my favorite attribute of Susan’s is not being a push-over. After 5 weeks with Susan, I was shot. Done. Raised the white flag. So I did what any logical man would do and told her I had nothing left and needed a break. Graciously I received an email saying “thanks for notifying me and I have adjusted your training for this and next week according.” Great! Looked at the new schedule and she removed one workout per week and prescribed Zone 1 and 2 work for recovery. Jerk! Fine! I’ll give it a shot! Go figure it was just what I needed… I once heard that you’ll get twice the distance with a coach while you’re doing everything possible to cheat. This is definitely true. My worst days now with Susan surpass my best days trying to figure this out on my own.