Race Smart Featured Athlete

Colin Walker

High school multi-athlete (basketball, baseball, football, track, swimming).

Hit 30 and joined the endurance craze…since then I’ve done about a dozen or more marathons, about as many ½ Ironman races, 20 or so shorter distance races and two full Ironman races (Florida & Lake Placid).

Almost every race I’ve done has involved some level of digestive distress (including throwing up for 8 miles during IM Florida), so to say I was in dire need of Susan’s coaching is an understatement.

I’m a busy and involved father of 2 with a demanding job and big dreams. I’ve spent the last few years doing triathlons undertrained and suffering. = Even when I trained for my Ironman races, I was woefully underprepared for the nutritional challenge of the sport. Since I’ve worked with Susan, I’ve felt my nutrition and training is on the right course. I no longer feel adrift. The benefit of having a coach who can address not only my athletic needs but also help fix my nutrition cannot be emphasized enough. I now realize what I eat in between training is as important as any hill repeats, long sessions or pool workouts.

I used to train so that I could eat. Now I eat so I can train.

The most amazing thing about Susan though is her interaction and attention. It’s not uncommon for me to upload a workout and get an email from her within minutes with her insights which are always guided by an incredible amount of knowledge and impressive personal experience. (I remember feeling tired after a 2 hr run and she let me know she had just finished an 80 mi ride with a 1 hr run after…wow!) But just knowing that Susan is in my corner all the time gives me immense confidence and reassurance.

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