Race Smart Featured Athlete

Jin Yi Kwon

Working with Susan is like:

  • getting 12 for the price of 1.
  • collaborating with a coach, who’s also your reliable friend, who’s also your mentor, who’s also your therapist, who’s also your motivational speaker, who’s also your cheerleader, who’s also your nutritionist, who’s also your advisor, who knows you better than yourself sometimes, who understands that you have a family, who understands that family time is more important than training (but makes sure I make up for it when vacay is over!!), who makes sure you are focused, who makes a 7 hour workout feel like it’s nothing, who makes training fun but productive, who listens, who really knows what she is doing.
  • having someone personable and knowledgeable who you can trust to help you succeed in the sport of triathlon.
  • working with someone whose passion for the sport becomes contagious and helps you achieve your best.