Race Smart Featured Athlete

Dipa Patel

Susan is a perfect match for me, specifically helping with my “nutrition on the go” and how stress overwhelms my life concerning my health and training. My work with Susan has made all the difference in boosting my confidence as an athlete and creating a foundation for my fitness. Although, I am slower than other athletes, she treats me just the same and still encourages me to push myself, which I love!

Working with Susan is like having the world’s number one cheerleader by your side. Not only is she supportive, but she is so humble!! (Kona twice much?) As a busy surgeon with all kinds of demands on my time, she somehow managed to assemble a plan that accommodated my busy schedule. I felt so prepared that I wasn’t nervous race morning (I used to gag from nerves when I tried to eat on race morning.) Accomplishing my first Ironman (no doubt with more to come) with her guidance was the thrill of a lifetime! I remember once asking her, “I am worried that I won’t finish? What might happen then?” And she said, “why would that happen?” Like it didn’t compute for her that I could fail. THAT is a coach who has your back!!! One that believes in you more than you might believe in yourself.