Race Smart Featured Athlete

Sandy Shefchik

I’m so very grateful for Susan for sharing her expertise with me.  Unfortunately, I struggle with celiac, so food/nutrition options are always a challenge.  Upon attempting to complete two half Ironman’s last year, I became very sick after finishing the bike due to lack of nutrition – still finishing but feeling like I was going to die.  Upon working with Susan, she created a nutrition plan for me.  I was able to not only finish the next half ironman but also placed third in my age group!  In addition, I competed in my first ironman competition and felt great the entire way – she made the experience for me an awesome one.  I will never forget how amazing it was to finish an ironman and feel great at the finish line and the next day!  I was able to continue with my workout regimens without any issues.  To say the least, Susan is very professional, knowledgeable and truly has a passion for seeing other succeed.