Race Smart Featured Athlete


Susan is a dynamic, energetic, multi-dimensional coach, as she coaches the athlete as a “whole”.  Susan ensures that her athletes are not only prepared physically but also, mentally, nutritionally and self-aware, so the athlete is equipped with the knowledge to self-correct when needed at the most critical time (e.g. race day).  Susan is passionate about coaching and her athletes and its evidenced in her coaching style, as she is very attentive to her athletes.  Upon completion of a workout, it’s never a surprise for me to get very detailed feedback from Susan, where we discuss not only my data but how I’m feeling so that she can adjust upcoming plans.  This also allows her to meet her athletes where they are at and build them a solid foundation.  Early 2019 season I ruptured my Achilles and had to have surgery, and I could not have imagined having another coach.  Immediately after I notified her, she re-structured my plan (yes, I had a plan starting day 1 post-surgery), to start working on my comeback season.  Throughout my recovery process, she kept me engaged and helped me mentally push through (no time for a pity party when Susan is your coach).  Susan is not a pass-through coach; she is a partner and athletic journey coach.  I look forward to continuing building a solid foundation for the IRONMAN journey ahead with Susan as my athletic journey coach.  Race Smart!