Race Smart Featured Athlete

Kasia Ludwig-Siri

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Event of choice: Kona and the Boston Marathon
Proudest accomplishment:
In Sport- qualify for Kona and Boston, and
In Life: my three little girls
Favorite food: I love to eat and enjoy all foods. It’s hard to pick one! But maybe peanut butter or wine with cheese for special occasions.
Favorite Race: I love IMAZ and want to go back! From local races- White Lake Triathlon, ATT half and full marathon, the Eno River Trail Run… I want to explore ultra runs!
Guilty Pleasure: Probably training because I feel guilty spending time away from my kids, but I have to train otherwise; I am grumpy.
How has Susan helped you (or made a difference) in your athletic journey –
Susan is just sunshine in my life! I started to work with Susan mostly because I needed someone to handle my gut issues (I had tons of gut issues in everyday life, so when you add that to sport – it is very challenging to survive a training session without bumps.
But besides nutritional help, I found joy in sport again! Her approach to sport is very much like mine- you have to love what you do; otherwise, you will struggle to stay in the arena. Susan helped me to enjoy training again!
Well, don’t take me wrong, I still had a day or two that I metaphorically sat on a side of a road during a 100-mile ride asking myself why I had signed up for IM. 🙂
She also taught me to focus on what I can control and not be so hard on myself. Being coached by Susan, I have qualified for Kona and Boston – in one year! This has been my lifelong DREAM.
 Susan makes you not only a better athlete but also a better person! I need her in my life because she emotionally recharges my batteries, makes me smile, always has good advice up her sleeve, and she truly cares!
I am lucky I found her!