Race Smart Featured Athlete

John H.

“Working with Susan on my nutrition has been a complete game-changer.”

Event of choice: USA Cycling Masters Nationals 45-49 Men Time Trial

Proudest accomplishment: 3rd place at Masters Nationals 2023!

Favorite food: Sriracha Sauce

Favorite Race: Tour De Bloom Stage Race (Wenatchee, WA)

Guilty Pleasure: Any cookies featuring chocolate chips

How has Susan helped you (or made a difference) in your athletic journey-
Working with Susan on my nutrition has been a complete game-changer. She helped me dial in a hydration and nutrition plan leading up to my biggest event—the 2023 Masters National Time Trial- in hot and humid Augusta, GA. For the first time in over 15 years of attending nationals in that kind of heat and humidity, l was able to compete on the day and performed at my absolute best, taking a bronze medal despite the steamy conditions. I would recommend Susan to anyone. Indeed, as a cyclist, I have been quick to spend money on the newest, fastest equipment, or a trip to the wind tunnel, etc. However, I lacked a nutrition plan and was tripping over dollars to pick up dimes. With Susan’s guidance, I am finishing the hottest and longest rides and races with energy left to spare. If I had it to do over, then I’d invest in a consultation with her before buying the fast wheels or the aero helmet. She’s transformed my cycling with her nutritional wisdom.

CAT 1 Cyclist