Race Smart Featured Athlete

Jeroen de Haas

Born in Arnhem, Netherlands and currently living in the Philippines. I only started training triathlon last February 2014. My first 70.3 race was Cebu 70.3 on August 3, 2014 and with that my proudest accomplishment so far! I enjoy the sport as it gives me a good routine to stay fit and healthy. Also, I enjoy the friendship with my training partners and the triathlon scene camaraderie.

In 2015, I plan to race IM Melbourne and 3-4 70.3 Ironman races. I would like to improve on my 70.3 time by 35-45 minutes.

To achieve this personal goal I need to have professional guidance in terms of my training and nutrition, as well as an active coach who will follow up with me and positively encourage me to be consistent and improve continuously. Working with Race Smart, I have gained good insight on aligning my nutrition strategies with my training and workouts to help me achieve my race goals. I feel inspired and confident to achieve my 2015 personal goals.