Race Smart Featured Athlete

Jen Rau

At 70.3 California this year, halfway to my Ironman in Texas and thinking I was doing everything right, I fell apart. I was 4 miles in on the run, running on strangely weak noodle legs when my lungs seized up and I was unable to get my breath. I was transported to a local hospital where my diagnosis was low-sodium. I was so frustrated with all the planning I had done with nutrition and electrolytes that this happened. I started researching low-sodium on Google when I ran across a sodium article written by Susan. I immediately contacted her to come up with a new electrolyte plan. She had me fill out a lot of information but when we got on the phone she had already done all the calculations and had a plan ready for me. She was lovely. We had an instant connection but as busy as I am with work, a kid, and this training it helps so much that she had done on the backend work and we could get through my plan in one phone call.

The biggest difference I have noticed is increased endurance and stamina on the run. Last week I ran 17 miles and felt great every step of the way. My 15 mile run before that I had to stop and walk. I also feel very confident knowing that I’m doing things right now going into this next race. I have bragged about her to all of my triathlete buddies I hope they don’t have to be humbled to before they call.

My only wish is that I would’ve started with Susan in the beginning of this training!

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