Race Smart Featured Athlete

Tim G.

I was training and competing in Ironman events for a number of years before I met Susan.  I knew I needed help with hydration and fueling as I was completely wiped out during the run. I was suffering from muscle cramps in the swim, sometimes on the bike, and on the run.  When I met Susan, she gathered a lot of information about how I was feeling, and what I was taking in for hydration and fueling for my training and racing.  She figured out right away that I was severely dehydrated and under-fueled.  We also did an analysis of my salt loss.  Come to find out; I had to significantly increase my hydration, salt, and calorie intake. She also taught me how to adjust all of this on the fly depending on weather etc. We are frequently tweaking this as needed.  Many people say that fueling and hydration are the fourth event in triathlon… I say not only is it the fourth event but probably the most important one.  I train and race now with the confidence that I have my fueling and hydration nailed down, thanks to Susan!!

When it comes to coaching, she is amazing!  I have a full-time periodontal practice, and I’m extremely busy, and trying to fit in training, and racing is tough.  Susan gets it… she puts all the pieces together and makes it work, but she is still getting quality training out of me, and I’m not wasted.  In addition, I have a family life outside of triathlon 🙂 I have learned so much from Susan, not just triathlon.  The first year I worked with her, COVID had just hit, and I could tell right away she cared so much about her athletes.  Her priorities were to keep everyone safe.  That’s not to say we didn’t train because we did.  In fact, when racing started back in 2021, she had me so ready, and I could tell the difference right away!!  I may have some BIG dreams, but she has never told me no but only how to get there.

I’m so grateful for the gift of health and endurance and to have a coach like Susan to guide me every step of the way!

Proudest Accomplishment: The Ironman World Championship in St. George, Utah, on 5/7/2022!!